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We are back with our interviews with recent hires. Aswin started with us before the summer.

Hello Aswin!
Who are you and what brought you to Bonnier Broadcasting?

Hej! I am a Data Scientist working with the Data Team. I moved to Stockholm in Oct 2018. I have previously worked as a QA and Data Analyst in India. My hobbies are playing and watching football, playing video games and reading books.

The challenge of working with diverse teams and building solutions for the products excited me. My initial discussions with the people here was technical and informative enough without feeling overwhelming. I felt that I would feel at home and challenged work-wise.

You’ve already worked here a few months. What has your first time with us been like?

These first few months has been exciting and has just flown by. The work is fun and challenging. The best part is the people who are really welcoming and helpful. Everyone is approachable and friendly which makes getting answers so easy. This also translates directly to work as well.

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on developing a solution to help the business predict the advertisement sales for the different shows in TV4 Play.

What made you get into Data Science in the first place?

I have dabbled in data analysis for a few years now. My first foray into Data Science was by necessity in my previous company where I worked in a solution to provide news to financial analysts. The idea of using data to answer questions that help the business was what got me hooked. It has been a long and steep learning curve which I love.

Thank you so much for taking time answering my question. I hope you keep enjoying working here!