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March 2 2012 peter svensson hosted the crash and burn at KTH Forum in Kista Stockholm.  The theme of the conference was integration, testing, deployment and virtualization.  It was a great conference even and hope it happens again next year as it added quite a few software projects to look at until then. Links to the speakers their presentations follows:

Sam Newman   Designing for rapid release

Can’t/don’t design huge monolithic systems especially if you want fast feed back and deployments.

Yan Pujante glu: open source deployment automation platform

You don’t have to build your own deployment system especially if you are deploying to java. Glu project provides tons of features to deploy any if not all types of web based systems (currently used by linkedin.com)

Mårten Gustavsson Ops side of Dev

Developers and operations have to work together if you are going to have any chnace of a sane production evironment. There are a lot of small things like logging that benefit from both dev and ops agreeing on what to log. Metrics are another key component to good cooperation (check  out https://metrics.codahale.com/ heck anything on httpss://github.com/codahale/)

John Stäck DNS in the Spotify Infrastructure (pdf 2.7 mb)

Lots of good information on how spotifiy uses  dns as a distrubted data store.

Carl Byström Load testing with locust

Load testing tools should be programmable(ie not xml an python fits well here) and they should reflect what the end user is going to do.

Leonard Axelsson & Ville Svärd Graphite – the village pump of your team

Metrics on a live system and seeing what your application and it’s users are doing is an invaulable for finding performance issues

Brian Riddle Continuous Integration the good, bad and ugly

Need to talk a little slower and maybe a demo. In preparation for this talk i gave a lunch seminar at valtech’s headquarters more info och video on their blog. That presentation is here.

Zach Holman Scaling Github

Every time someone from github gives talk you find interesting tidbits and the one that struck me the most? github has a employee retention of 100% and they are *still* growing. imagine working for a company like that.